The Standard Meat Processing and Slicing Professional Training Program is open to meet the demand for international standard skill improvement for workers wishing to work locally and abroad. After completing the course, students are fully skilled and   have the opportunity to work at our Abattoirs in Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

Training duration: The program lasts 3 months

Location:   Thit Bo Trung Dong Company. Add: 63/10, Group 3, Quarter 9, Than Hoa Ward, Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai Province Vietnam

Curriculum:  During the course, students will be trained in: overview of food safety, health and safety in the workplace, cleaning and hygiene, animal welfare.  All practice is led by local and Australian experts.


Students receive theoretical training in detail on the following items:

  1. Overview of personal tools and personal tool maintenance. 
  2. Overview of personal hygiene and environmental disinfection.
  3. Quality assessment and hazard analysis in standard operating procedures. 
  4. Indicate procedures and follow work instructions, signs, and report accidents and emergencies. 
  5. Overview of the beef industry and beef jerky standards. 
  6. Knife sharpening technique.

In terms of practice, students can practice mixing beef directly from the time it is alive to the time it is packed.

  1. Perform knife sharpening operations, holding knives.
  2. Storing knives when not in operation.
  3. Distinguish between fibres, muscles, and parts of a cow.
  4. Manipulation of slaughtering live cows.
  5. Knowledge of how to mix up each part of a cow.
  6. Manipulation of dissecting each part of the cow.
  7. Packing and packaging operations.