About Us

In 2011, Vietnamese Skill Workforce trading under PR & N Enterprise commenced a recruitment service in regional Victoria, Australia, providing skilled workers in the horticultural field, specifically for the stone fruit growing and processing industry.  Over the last twelve years we have supplied a work force that has been consistently valued by several local farmers, specifically in the Murray Mallee region of Victoria.

Having a base in Vietnam as well as Australia has given PR & N an advantage when it comes to training and selecting workers that are both skilled and strong and are able to work rapidly and reliably with endurance. 

Recently we have expanded our business to not only supply horticultural workers, but to supply skilled workers for the meat industry. PR & N have developed a partnership with Vietnamese Abattoirs who specialize in importing cattle from Australia to process and supply to the local Vietnamese market. These Abattoirs process Australian meat and are certified to Australian standards.  Our office in Vietnam has been able to select experienced workers for the meat processing industry.  These workers are a combination of employees that have been fully trained and experienced.